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How long does it take to get a US Visa?

The waiting time to obtain the American Visa is the highest in recent months, reaching 354 days.

The B1/B2 visa, which is the tourist visa classification to enter the United States, is responsible for 93% of searches.

However, the waiting time is becoming one of the longest in recent times.

According to information from the US Embassy, in the state of São Paulo the wait is reaching 354 days, around 11 months.

In the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Brasília and Porto Alegre, the deadline is not much lower, reaching 200 days.

In Porto Alegre the period is taking 7 months, in Rio de Janeiro 8 months and in Recife around 6 months.

But if you want to take the student visa, the waiting time varies from 1 to 5 days.


For everyone who wants to get a visa, the ideal is to plan ahead and take this waiting period into account.

For those who want to renew their visa, the waiting time is shorter.

Important tip: if you want to change your date, the rescheduling is free, it's really worth taking care of appointment calendar on the US Embassy website, as a closer date opening may appear.

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