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Where to eat well and cheaply in Florida

Where to eat well and cheaply in Florida??Not everyone who makes a trip to the US has enough money to spend lavishly on fancy restaurants and eat anything imaginable.

But don't forget to know typical menus of the region: it's very important! That's not what we're going to talk about here. OK?!

So, thinking about these people, who, like us, want  spend little on food and they prefer to focus their investment on exploring different places and traveling around the country a lot.

We will give you the precious tips to save!

Do your shopping at Walmart

Undoubtedly one of the best places to eat well and cheap :).

This supermarket has our heart, if you know Walmart do Brasil and you won't go in because you think it's the same chain and everything is the same. You are completely wrong!

The American supermarket has everything you NEVER imagine, EVERYTHING!

For example, pharmacy, camping supplies, fishing, clothing, electronics and lots of food!

eat cheap in florida

We like burritos, sandwiches, doritos with sauce, crackers, MMs, berries to detoxify the body (fruit is more expensive in the US) and much more.

You you can guarantee your meal on the day with $10 dollars, eating very well!

The sandwich we bought costs an average of $5 dollars and serves two people, as it is gigantic, it comes on a baguette bun.

eat cheap in florida

The burritos have all brands and different flavors, costing an average of $1 dollars.

There are also some portions of salad with sauces and chicken, bacon or meat. They cost around $ 5 dollars, a healthier and very tasty food, serves one person.

McDonald's and similar

For us Brazilians, it's a good choice, we love a hamburger, just like Americans.

Tip: for you to do well in requests, select on machine.

There's a hamburger for $1 dollar, do you believe it?

Of course, it's not the double…triple, but it's a hamburger!

Order along with the hamburger other items that are also on sale, vary your menu, read carefully and you will find a lot of good and cheap stuff.

Oh, don't forget to go to different hamburgers: such as Five Guys Burge, Shake Shack, among others.

Dollar Tree

The shops Dollar Tree there are more for the Florida region, there are all over the US, but in Florida it is found everywhere easily.

Similar to $99 cents, but I consider it smaller compared to $99.

eat cheap in florida

You will find a lot of food and drink, for $1 dollar, there are different prices inside the store, so keep an eye on the label.

In fact, everything that does not have a price tag means that it costs $1 dollar and as an example in the photo some things cost less than $1 dollar.

A tip: buy canned food when you go camping.

Because at the beginning of the trip, everything is wonderful, eating everything that comes along, but you will feel like eating rice, beans, meat.

Canned food, which ranges from US$$1 to US$$2 on average, will satisfy your cravings and you can heat them over your campfire.

Florida is a state of workers from all over the world. Then you will find cheap food everywhere. We hope we helped you with our tips. And just like us, you will be addicted to burritos!

And that giant cup of coffee from the machine for $1 dollar? Have you tasted? Share with us, we'll be super happy to hear your tips!

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