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Start » How much does it cost to travel to Florida?

How much does it cost to travel to Florida?

how much does it cost to travel to florida?

How much does it cost to travel to Florida?

How much does it cost to travel to Florida? That's the first question we ask when we're planning the dream trip.

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It's so much to put on the tip of the pencil that we decided to help you!

Best of all, once you've made your projections, you probably won't be shocked when one more little thing comes along to pay.

There are a few travel apps that make this process much easier when you are on the trip. Adding daily expenses. It's pretty cool!

However, here we are going to put all the expenses from the moment you leave your house. Here we go?

Airline Tickets – Traveling to Florida

A drop in ticket prices could heat up the airline industry

One tip valuable is to always be attentive to the promotions!

The value for Miami varies greatly depending on the time of year you go.

In the period of school holidays, everything is more expensive there, because the kids love Walt Disney. However, if you can go during periods other than these, you will already have an advantage in your budget.

Value of airline tickets

On average sale: R$ 1,800.00

Regular price between: R$ 2,000.00 and 2,500.00.

Otherwise, if you choose first class, no connection, business hours and airline. Your ticket will have a much more added value = FACE!

Car Rental – Traveling to Florida

Rent a car for your trip it will be very helpful!

Especially for those who want to know the coast, go to Walt Disney or get to know the entire state, renting a car will be essential.

Anyway, it will be your best cost benefit of this trip!

CarRental - Car rental: how to choose the model for the family - How much does it cost to travel to Florida?

Values vary depending on the car model you like to drive. All cars are automatic and gasoline over there is very cheap.

Tip: a minivan is almost a tent on 4 wheels! You can sleep very well with an inflatable mattress.

We've already done this experience in national parks, it was so worth it!

There are also companies that rent motorhomes. So the choice will be yours and it will depend on how you want to make your itinerary.

When we went, we always rented through Poplar, coincidentally the values were more into account. But it's up to you according to your research.

Value for 10 days:

Popular cars: R$ 3800

Minivans: R$ 4,700.00

Tip: the first time we rented a car, we paid around R$1,000.00 for insurance, however there is already insurance for minor collisions, scratches, glass, mirror. Read carefully what you say in your contract!

Gasoline – Traveling to Florida

Filling up your car is one of the cheapest things you'll find there. You supply it yourself, remember there is no frentist.

They charge for gallon which holds 3.7 liters. Which costs on average: $2.26. Calculate how many kms will drive, then divide by the average liters per km.

For example: I did 100 km with an average of 8km/liter of gasoline. So in 100 km I spent: 12.5 liters.

Hotel – Travel to Florida

Values can vary greatly according to your taste. The more refined, the more expensive.

Hotels with more sustainable practices can reduce costs and attract customers

But if you choose a hotel with breakfast, you will have a very good standard of accommodation and pay a more affordable price.

Value per day:

R$ 300.00 to 500.00 value of average hotels, not so extreme of expensive and not so cheap.

Tip: Hotels further away are cheaper, the further to the center you are, the more expensive you will pay.

Food – Traveling to Florida

Food is another situation that will depend a lot on what you like and if you want to eat super well every day, or if you want save money.

For $10.00 dollars (converting into reais if it is R$5.00, it would be R$50.00) you can eat all day, with sandwiches, hamburgers with soda, in addition to the coffee that you will probably get at the hotel you stay overnight.

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But if you want to have a good meal during the day and the others are with snacks, the value may vary for $30.00 dollars (converting into reais if it is R$5.00, it would be R$150.00).

Entrance to parks and museums

They can range from $5.00 per person to $20 USD per car in parks, or $10 to $20.00 USD per museum. Converting into Reais would give R$ 25.00 to R$100.00 for parks or R$ 50.00 to R$100.00 for museums.

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The parks I am referring to are the national and state parks.

Total trip for 10 days for two people:

  • Airfare: 1,800.00 + 1,800.00: 3.600,00
  • Car rental: 3,800.00 (10 days)
  • Gasoline: 2.26 gallons - 1000km averaging 8km/litre: $113dollars or R$ 570.00.
  • Parking: R$100.00
  • Hotel: 350.00 (daily): R$3,500.00
  • Food: 75.00 (average $$15): R$ 1,500.00
  • Tickets: 50.00: R$ 1,000.00.
  • TOTAL: R$ 13,970.00

Remembering that from these values, we calculate values average, that is, if you research well and save money, you will be able to reduce this amount.

 Like park entrances, for example, you may not need to pay every day to enter a park or museum, not every day you will travel 150 km and your hotel may be cheaper.

However, if you want to go to Orlando and see the theme parks, get ready because each park costs an average of R$ 1500.00 per person.

There are four parks, it will cost around R$12,000.00 more than the budgeted amount.

Last and super important: We hope we helped with your choices! Don't forget to look on the map at the places you want to visit, the distances, how many days in each place.

Rest assured during your trip, everything will be fine, enjoy!

Your dream starts the day you choose where you want to go!!

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