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Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

To take a long trip, with many flight hours and connections, we need some very important items. Perhaps at first you will think that they are not so important, but when you are traveling you will remember this article: travel accessories you need to have in your luggage?? Let's go?!

Neck pillow

Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

This item is very important.

Imagine hours of flight without tilting the seat well, let alone your head. Of course, this does not apply if you are in business class, with all the best!

I say from experience: traveling without a neck pillow is very bad🇧🇷 I woke up stiff after the few minutes I could sleep. Then do not forget🇧🇷 Do not leave to buy at the airport, you will pay too much.


Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

Item SUPER important!

Imagine a plane with someone snoring by your side, talking loudly or children crying all the time. All planes provide headphones, but are not comfortable, hurt the ears and have a low sound.

Take with you your headphone and you'll be able to watch a great movie or listen to its soundtrack.

suitcase cover – Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

If you're like me and love a really nice suitcase, remember that during the trip and in each connection, the suitcases will leave the plane and each time, they will be thrown from one side to the other.

A practical way to prevent your suitcase from being damaged, scratched or breaking a zipper is putting a cover.

At airports there are places that cover your suitcase with plastic, however, every trip you take, you will have to pay to have this coating done.

However, if you buy a front cover🇧🇷 You can use it on all trips. Here are models of covers and prices to buy:

UNIVERSAL plug adapter, USB hub

When we travel to other countries, the plugs are almost always are different from ours.

So you need to have your “card in the hole”, taking your adapter from home so as not to spend on your trip, values that had not been budgeted, in addition to the possibility of not finding.

Buy here your universal plug adapter:

The Usb Hub, on the other hand, is a very practical peripheral that will allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time, such as your cell phone, digital camera, external HD, mouse, keyboard, among others. You can also plug it into your car.

There are several models, with several ports (entries to connect your USB), prefer 4 or more, which will be a great choice.

Buy here your USB Hub:

Portable Charger / Power Bank

They are very useful during your entire trip, after all, you won't always have an outlet nearby or a place for a USB connection.

In addition, if you go camping and use flashlights that charge in the light, it will also help a lot to charge them.

Finally, you need a great charger. There are numerous potencies, but in some it is possible to make only one charge or two.

As an example, my charger has Pineng of 20000mah, which is perfect for making up to 5 Full charges on mobile. But if you prefer one with less power, I recommend a middle ground with 10000mah, it is a little smaller than mine, lighter.

It's up to you, but don't forget to bring one!

Buy portable chargers here:


Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

Having a lock on your suitcase is very important. It's good to guarantee your safety at airports and also in your hotel room.

Tip: use TSA padlock. It is like a small lock and can only be opened with a universal master key.

Only the North American organization TSA has access to this key. If you need to inspect your bag, they will use the key and not damage your lock.

Also, the safest padlocks to use are the ones with the most pins. There are models with 4 and up to 16 pins.

The padlocks made by the Papaiz brand are one of the safest on the market.

Buy your TSA lock here:

Travel accessories you need to have in your luggage

Finally, I hope I helped with your choices and don't forget these items, they are essential for your trip to be a wonder!

If you've already stopped taking some of these items and got hurt, share your experience with us!

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