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International Qualification. It's needed?

Here in this post I will clear your doubts: International Habilitation. It's needed? Enjoy and request yours, but I'm already anticipating you, it's not mandatory.

International Qualification. It's needed?

Many people have already asked me if it is necessary to obtain an International Driving Permit or PID (Phermission Iinternational to Dirigir) to be able to rent a car and drive abroad.

The answer is always the same – No need!

In no country in the world will you be required to have an International Habilitation. All you need is a National Driver's License to drive.

That simple! 😉

Of course, if you have a PID it makes the car rental process much easier (it gets faster) and if a traffic cop stops you too. Just for that reason, because even with the PID in hand, you will always have to take your National Driver's License with you.

If you want to have a PID, look for the DETRAN of your city because each DETRAN has its bureaucracy (and some charge a fee for shipping).


International Qualification. It's needed?

I hope I was helpfull! See you next time 🙂

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