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dream map

The dream map is the first step towards achieving your goals. Here you will find tips on how to build your map. Let's go?

My dream map has been ready for a few years, but if you think I've achieved all of them, you're wrong. It's been years idealizing and really: dreaming!

But the first step to achieving what we want is just that, putting it on paper, knowing where you want to go and walking the path.

dream map

It would be very easy to put it on paper and the next day everything beautiful and accomplished, but it would probably not be funny and would be meaningless.

How to make a dream map

To make sense and make a difference in your days, as you do in mine, the ideal is to put it on paper, a board or cardboard and leave it on the wall, in a place that you can see it on a daily basis.

My map has practically become a mural, as I end up putting pictures of the achievements and it looks beautiful!

dream map

The name is already very suggestive for us travelers, backpackers, tripeers and so on. So one of my goals is travel, Discover the world.

And yes, I already have a lot of photos on the map (I won't post a photo specifically of my wall, because it's very personal and our dreams are so much ours that it's hard to share).

I've already traveled to some places in the world, and simply this objective on my map will never leave, because there is no possibility of this dream ending.

Here's how I built my map:

dream map

In addition to photos, I also like to put motivational phrases, always register with dates and specify on the day I set my goal, how I was emotionally, for example: happy, motivated, hopeful on a beautiful sunny day, these types of observations. They usually help a lot to bring me back to the same day when I want to remember something.

I hope you liked the tips!

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