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Florida's most beautiful beaches

Florida beaches

Traveling to the US is not just about going to the parks or shopping, Florida has long stretches of sand and countless beaches. Let's share with you tips on the most beautiful beaches in Florida!

Well-maintained beaches, piers, places to go for a walk, squares to have a picnic, a charismatic population and, finally, a climate that pleases everyone!

Let's give you 5 tips of the beaches you Need to know!

south beach

Or affectionately called SoBe. It is a long beach with white sand and crystal clear water, ideal for diving.

South of SoBe you will find the South Pointe Park – place to take walks on the boardwalk, ride a bike, enjoy a sunset and finally dazzle nature.

Florida's most beautiful beaches

Currently, the city is characterized by the preservation of the architecture of the buildings from the 20's, colored in pastel tones. You can take a guided tour or walk around appreciating the buildings.

Florida's most beautiful beaches

Another attraction of this beach are the colorful lifeguard booths, distributed throughout the beach and of course we took pictures!

hollywood beach

Located between Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, the 37 km from Miami.

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, you need to include it in your itinerary.

She's all charming and organized. The name already says a lot about it, the famous love to go to this beach.

Hollywood (Florida) – Florida's most beautiful beaches

There you will find a beautiful boardwalk with shops on one side and the beach on the other.

Take the opportunity to take a walk along its almost 5 km length.

As tip, stay during the day on this beach. However, at night there are bars and entertainment.

If you enjoy a night out, it's nice to stay on this beach, otherwise head to Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale

Better known as the American Venice. She won our hearts.

It looks like a drawing, everything perfect. Imagine the back street of your house, being a river?!

Florida's most beautiful beaches

It is not a big city with giant buildings, which is one more characteristic that defines it as welcoming.

In two days you can enjoy this beach and discover its attractions and dazzle the shore.

The sea is calm and depending on the season slightly cold, but nothing that prevents you from taking a delicious bath.

The trendiest spot in town, with several attractions it is between las Olas and Riverwalk.

Nearby there are many options for shopping, outlets, dining and entertainment.

Walking around the city is very easy with calm traffic and easy to find parking.

Culturally, you can visit the historic center, where you can find the Stranahan House Museum, the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art and the Museum of Discovery and Science.


In advance we can claim to be the most beautiful beach in Florida!

Together with your beautiful dolphins that help local weighers, because it is through them that fishermen know where the shoals of fish are.

 has a pier  and you can enjoy the beach activities such as diving, parasailing, boat trips, jet skiing, fishing and chatting with the fishermen. People are really nice!

You will be able to go to the Aquarium” Clearwater Marine Aquarium”, one of the most popular attractions and still going to the parks to have a picnic and enjoy the beach.

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Cocoa Beach

Currently known as the beach of the greatest professional surfer in the world surfing: Kelly Slater?? At the beginning of the city there is a statue of him and of course you cannot miss the opportunity to register a photo!

In the city that is so cute, it pleases everyone who passes through it!

You will find souvenir shops, fishing rod rentals, restaurants and the biggest surf shop in the world, with all kinds of surf items you can imagine.

Tip of the most beautiful beaches in Florida

We didn't think it would necessary to stay overnight on all beaches. They have very small beaches that you will know just by passing by them or stopping to know the pier, park or some tourist spot. That is, it will take a few hours.

Finally, we hope we have helped you in choosing your route. Each place has its beauty and is worth knowing!

So take advantage of our tips and get to know these beaches, it will be worth it!

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Thank you guys!