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Are you going to travel? Zip lock in luggage!

zip lock they are those little plastic bags of various sizes with pressure closure. They are great to use while traveling. So don't forget: are you going to travel?zip lock in the luggage!



Me, I love using them. Keep everything well organized.

I always use one to put each document (passport, hotel reservation, tickets…) in a small size.

Sometimes, I like to buy them in a larger size to separate my clothes inside the suitcase.

Because? Because the zip lock it also works as a compression bag: separate your clothes by day or by season or even by beach, city, party.

He will make your bag more organized, practical and smaller 😉

In addition to all these utilities, it is great for storing hygiene items (soap, shampoo, creams and much more) preventing spills from being sealed in the ziploc.

Ziploc in luggage!

The Zip lock is also great for taking liquids up to 100ml on international trips in your hand luggage.

Where to buy?

On Amazon you will find everything you need:

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