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vegan chocolate

Every day the demand for vegan food is increasing, however, when we travel we don't always find it. Find out here in this post where to find vegan chocolate in big cities and tips on how to always have your sweetie close by.

vegan chocolate

One of the easiest options that you will never be out of hand is to have your stock at home and some in your purse or carry it in your travel bag.

Below are some tips you can find in Amazon website:

Porto Alegre – Vegan Chocolate

You will be delighted in this capital, below are some examples of wonderful places to find your sweet tooth:

  • Açucarando Doceria Vegana (Av. Venâncio Aires, 103);
  • Good Life Healthy Market (Av. Getúlio Vargas, 766- Menino Deus);
  • Mica Doces Veganos (R. Dom Pedro II, 51,- São João);
  • Modesta Vegan Market (R. Tomaz Flores, 134- Bom Fim);
  • Diet Empório – Food & Supplements (R. Dr. Florêncio Ygartua, 65).

Florianópolis – Vegan Chocolate

If you intend to go to the island of magic, don't worry, you will find several options:

  • Vegan Guide (R. Dom Jaime Câmara, 280);
  • Bem Querer Vegan Foods (Servidão Cereja, 108 – Pantanal);
  • Luv CHocolate Floripa (R. Lauro Linhares, 2123 Sobreloja);
  • Darê Chocolatier (Servidão Laje de Pedra, 73 – LJ 01);
  • Chocolater Brasil Cacau (R. Felipe Schmidt, 33 – 2 – Centro).

Curitiba – Vegan Chocolate

In this charming city, you can discover delicious shops:

  • Ugami MercadoNatural (Av. Sen. Souza Naves, 274 – Alto da XV);
  • Colors and Flavors (Rua João Nogarolli, 450 – Fanny);
  • Empório Natural Curitiba (R. Alda Bassete Bertholdi, 2135);
  • VMarché Mercado Vegano (R. André de Barros, 462 – Centro).

São Paulo – Vegan Chocolate

vegan chocolate

Here it is impossible not to find, practically anywhere you go, you will find some vegan sweets, however, there are those special little shops:

  • Choco Vegan (R. Guimarães Passos, 415 – Vila Mariana);
  • Doce Semente Confeitaria Vegana (R. Xavier Curado, 422 – Ipiranga);
  • Cocoa Vanilla (R. Scipião, 141 – Vila Romana);
  • Vegan By Me (Av. Nazaré, 588 – Ipiranga);

Vegan Chocolate at Airports

Usually at airports there are chocolate shops and there are always vegans. Once inside the plane, you won't always have that option. Therefore, it is better to guarantee your candy at the airport or bring it from home.

vegan food

I hope you liked the tips, I share them with you because I've come across situations where I couldn't find any vegan products, and it's very frustrating.

Vegan food has been gaining a lot of space, in supermarkets there are always options, but we still need to evolve a lot.

So, I hope you don't have to go through situations that leave you without your candy or without finding a restaurant with vegan food options.

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