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Peru: tourism and lots of culture


Discover here in this post everything about Peru: tourism and a lot of culture, the most visited places by tourists and how to get to this paradise.

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Country located in South America, it carries the indigenous customs and traditions and watered with customs of the Spanish conquerors who arrived in the 16th century.

It houses a part of the Amazon and the most beautiful and historic city in the country: Machu Picchu. There are countless archaeological sites, churches, historical monuments, forests, deserts and snow-filled mountain ranges.

It has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Attractions will not be lacking in this historic paradise! Being able to diversify between coast, mountains and forest.

The capital of the country is in Lima.

How to get to Peru

The easiest option to get to the country is to plane?? Flights arrive directly in the capital (Lima) and from there, it is possible to rent cars or taxis.

There are many tourists who love the roads and prefer to reach the country by car.

And the last option is the tourist bus, many tours leave from different places in Brazil. It is a good alternative for those who do not know how to communicate and choose the places to explore, the tourist agencies already have everything organized and programmed.

When is the best time to visit Peru

During the months of april to november the weather is very pleasant, with sunny days. Really the best time to know the wonders.

already the months most sought after by tourists are between July and August, colder climate, but because it is a lot of people, things end up getting a little more expensive and it is more difficult to find places with little movement.

But the months you he must avoid so come in November up until March, due to the excess of rain that can hinder the walks, the walks and even cause falls of slopes in some places.

Peru tourist attractions

Below we will talk about the main tourist attractions of the country. Places you need to put on your list!

Machu Picchu-Peru

When we talk about Peru, the ruins of the Incas, better known as the city of Machu Picchu, immediately come to mind.

The place is a postcard of the country with its beautiful continuous stone walls, built without the use of cement.

Located at 2,430m above sea level, with a small population of 700 people and many islands.

The name of the place means “old mountain”, but the locals also call it the “lost city of the Incas”, a beautiful archaeological site.

Sacred Valley of the Incas – Peru

Located in the Peruvian Andes, you will be enchanted by such perfection.

There are countless rivers that, in harmony with the mountains, descend through small valleys.

In addition to exploring the valley, you can go canoeing on the Willcamayu or Vilcanota rivers and shop for artisanal products.

Maras Salt Flats – Peru

Numerous salt dams, located on a mountain in the Sacred Valley.

Imagine hundreds of small square-shaped lakes in their different levels, followed by the suitability of the terrain. Simply perfect!

Cusco – Peru

It's through this small town that you will come to know Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.              

The city is surrounded by history, with countless alleys, walls and several buildings made of stones.

The churches are confirmed attractions in the city, among them: La Merced Church and Convent built in 1680, Santa Catalina in 1605, San Domingo Church in 1534, among many others.

Lima – Peru

Capital of the country, located in the coastal area, on the Pacific Coast.

It is a giant bustling metropolis and considered one of the largest in South America.

In the capital you can explore museums, such as: Larco Museum; La Nación Museum, Arde de Lima Museum, Pedro de Osma Museum, among others.

In addition to getting to know the heart of Lima, which is the historic center with the Plaza de Armas and the 16th century cathedral.

Colca Canyon – Peru

To access the canyon, you must arrive in the city of chivay, at an altitude of 3,650. The small town dedicated to agriculture and livestock shows a cultural side with the creation of alpacas and islands.

It is 5,000 meters from its top to the river bed, being considered the deepest in the world.

One of the most sought after peaks is the Condor viewpoint, where you can see an extinct volcano covered by snow.

And the other place that tourists dazzle is the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, it is there that you will discover the home of the Andean Condor (Vultir gryphus). It is in this viewpoint that one of the greatest depths of the valley can be found.

Paron Lagoon – Peru

Located within the Huascarán National Park in the province of Huaylas, at a distance of 32 km from Caraz.

 It is considered a World Heritage Site by the UN, its color turquoise surrounded by mountains with their snow-filled tops, it really enchants anyone who passes through it.

It is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca, a sub-range of the Andes. The lake is 44.3km², 3.7km long and 700m wide. Its depth reaches up to 75m.

The place attracts the attention of tourists, climbers and those who love to hike and then camp in the middle of nature.

Mountain of 7 Colors – Peru

A walk of approximately 2 hours of moderate difficulty, it is a perfect spot, looking like a nature drawing with its different earth tones.

Montanha de 7 cores - Peru

Tip: prefer to visit the mountain on a sunny day, without clouds, because due to the altimetry and weather, on cloudy days it can be cold and difficult to see the colors.

Peru: tourism and lots of culture

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

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