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Venice Beach- California

Walking along the boardwalk, riding a scooter, skateboarding or biking are some of the activities you can do in Venice Beach – California, in addition to enjoying the beach and the numerous shops and restaurants that are next to each other. Let's go?

Venice Beach location

Located south of Santa Monica, approximately 5 km from the pier. Belonging to the city of Los Angeles, California.

You can even take a walk, if you're in Santa Monica, go along the sandy beach to Venice (that's exactly how we did it). And the trip is well worth it.

Venice Beach- California

What's on in Venice Beach

In addition to a wonderful sea, the city is full of different personalities, from hippies, street artists, actors (making recordings), skateboarders, cyclists, people running or hiking, surfing, doing weight training and of course: shopping.

There's a lot to do here.

Venice Beach- California

One of the most popular beaches we've ever been to. The bohemian side and an audience hipster(creative public and with independent thoughts).

Several shops are located around the boardwalk: Venice Boardwalk, with an infinity of products, clothes and lots of things to take as gifts.

It is in Venice that there is the famous outdoor gym of the Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is on the edge of the beach, on the sand. Anyone can use it, but they will have to pay.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's outdoor gym

Positive point: the large group of people are very receptive, attentive and fun!

Negative point: Marijuana consumption is legal in California, so you will pass a lot of people smoking on the street, so far so good?? However, we went through a street a little “heavy”, they looked like other types of drugs and people a little Weird.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips 🙂

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