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Vegetarian restaurant

Do you know where to find a vegetarian restaurant with special flavors and quality?! Discover here in this post the top 5, for you to discover on your travels around the world.

Top 5- Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam- Holland

Vegetarian restaurant

You'll find at least 4 of them around town. The food is super tasty, plus they are beautifully presented.

The flavors, value and ambience leave nothing to be desired. All food on site is vegan.

Tips: prove the vegan sashimi or the hamburger Vegan Junk Food Bar, simply wonderful.

Vegetarian restaurant

Top 4- Loving Hut, North London – UK

This restaurant has franchises in different parts of the world: in Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and even here in Brazil in São Paulo.

Loving Hut, North London - UK
Loving Hut, North London - UK

It was considered the best vegan restaurant in 2015 by Vegan Fest (UK).

Top 3 – Raw, Chicago, Illinois- USA

Have you ever known a restaurant that your focus is Raw food?!

So how about venturing into the delights of Raw, with an endless list of healthy foods that are freshly prepared.

You can make your breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are 3 restaurants in the state of Chicago, the cool thing is that you can take your lunch with you.

Raw, Chicago, Illinois- USA
Raw, Chicago, Illinois- USA

Tip: enjoy and taste the smoothies snacks.

Top 2- Rawlicious, Toronto- Canada

This restaurant already has a good track record, since 2008 it has been making healthy food and in addition to vegan, there are also gluten-free options.

During the night, visitors will have live entertainment and enjoy dinner even more.

Rawlicious, Toronto, Canada
Rawlicious, Toronto, Canada

It is considered one of the best in the region. There are fresh juices, smoothies, soups, salads, starters and desserts.

Top 1- Cloud Cakes, Paris- France

This tip goes out to cupcake lovers!

Located in Paris, a country that is among the 10 in the world that offer more restaurant options for vegetarians and vegans.

Then you will feel right at home!

Cloud Cakes, Paris – France
Cloud Cakes, Paris – France

Vegetarian food

I hope you enjoyed the tips, save this article and put it on your itinerary!

If you've been to any of these restaurants, share your experience here!

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