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Start » Updated – First Snow of 2022 in SC

Updated – First Snow of 2022 in SC

That's right! Updated – first snow of 2022 in SC, we are not even in winter yet and the cold has arrived with everything in the south of Brazil. Tourists rushed to meet one of nature's most incredible phenomena.

The first record was in the city of Urupema, confirmed by the agency that monitors weather conditions in Santa Catarina – EPAGRI/Ciram.

Snow in Urupema

In day may 17, with several predictions that were terrifying residents of the entire south of the country with the arrival of Yakecan subtropical storm, a colder piece of news arrived, the possibility of snowfall and frozen rain in the fields above the mountain range.

This is due to favorable weather conditions such as high humidity and low temperatures.

Snow in Southern Brazil

After the news published in newspapers, tourists from all over Brazil packed their bags and went to wait for the opportunity to experience the snow.

In Bom Jardim da Serra, São Joaquim and Cambará do Sul there was also snow!

Temperatures in Bom Jardim da Serra reached -2.4ºC, in São Joaquim -0.12ºC, Urupema 1.38ºC and Tangará 2.81ºC.

According to civil defense information, this first cold wave it can last until next Monday (23).

Second day of snow in SC

During the early hours of this Wednesday (18), the snow appeared again!

The thermal sensation of the highest point, in Urupema, reaches -17ºC. Gongelante for tourists who are not used to the cold.

Updated – First Snow of 2022 in SC

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