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Train to connect Miami to Orlando in 2023

Have you ever thought about boarding a high-speed train full of amenities?! The Train will connect Miami to Orlando in 2023.

With a maximum speed of 200km/h, it will be possible to complete the journey in up to 3 hours. According to the railway company Brightline, the objective is to deliver the finished work at the beginning of 2023, currently 70% is completed.

brightline train

The route taken from car takes around 4 hours and plane 40 minutes.

The work will generate an economic impact of an average of US$ 6 billion over 8 years, in addition to creating more than 10,000 jobs during this entire period.

Rail journey from Miami to Orlando

The route starts in downtown Miami to the train station at Terminal C inside Orlando International Airport.

Train to connect Miami to Orlando in 2023

Inside the Orlando airport, everything is ready, some adjustments were made to the runway, in addition to the creation of the so-called Zone 2 (railway). It has underground passages and even a roundabout that facilitates the flow of traffic.

Train to connect Miami to Orlando in 2023
Train to connect Miami to Orlando in 2023

How much will it cost to ride the train between Orlando and Miami

Initially, values were not officially presented, but there is already an estimate that is around US$100.

What will differentiate values will be the 2 classes:

smart (it's the famous business class), there will be food and drinks but they need to be consumed with payment;

premium (first class), with food, drinks and a lounge before the trip, with prices already included in the ticket price.

inside the brightline train

As standard already presented in other lines, by the company Brightline, there are ergonomic seats and free wi-fi, very wide corridors, with access for wheelchair users, in addition to accessible bathrooms.

New lines plans

The company intends to make investments linking Orlando to Tampa. And another project is linking Las Vegas to Southern California.

Let's wait for the news! It will be quite a breakthrough in the middle of transportation!

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