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Bride's Veil Waterfall

Did you know that there are countless waterfalls named "Bride's Veil Waterfall?? Here in this post I will talk about some of them and where to find each of these beauties. Let's go?!

Véu de Noiva Waterfall – Praia Grande – SC

It is located in Itaimbezinho Canyon, with its 289 meters high.

Going through a trail at the top, with light difficulty, you will arrive right in front of it, where you can have a picnic, have a mate and marvel at its beauty.

The other way to see it is through the Rio do Boi trail, which is done underneath with a difficult level of difficulty, but enjoyable without a doubt!

Véu de Noiva Waterfall – Praia Grande – SC

Véu da Noiva Waterfall – Urubici- SC

located in Church Hill, this waterfall is 62 meters high and its waters descend in thin layers over large rocks, giving a delicate touch in the midst of nature.

To get there, you can access a parking lot, inside a private property, and you will be charged R$10.00 per person.

Continue walking for approximately 15 minutes to the waterfall, through a deck and you will find a stunning place in the midst of nature.

Véu da Noiva Waterfall – Urubici- SC

Wedding Veil Waterfall – Dr. Pedrinho - SC

Located 10 kilometers from the city center, in the neighborhood Benedict Alto.

Walking along an ecological trail with easy access, for 20 minutes you will find the beautiful waterfall with its 63 meters high.

On site, with stairs and a viewpoint, it will be possible to register many clicks, in addition to taking the opportunity to take a waterfall bath in very cold water!

Dr. Pedrinho – SC

Véu de Noiva Waterfall – Jaguariaíva – PR

Located inside the Jaguariaíva River Canyon (8th largest canyon in the world in terms of extension), there are other the Lago Azul and the Andorinhas waterfalls.

As we are only talking about Bridal Veils, this one is 40 meters high and it is possible to rappel.

Located on the right bank of Highway PR-151, visitors are free and easily accessible.

It will be necessary to walk a trail of approximately 30 minutes, in the park you can camp and the entrance is free.

Jaguariaiva – PR

Véu da Noiva Waterfall – Itatiaia -RJ

located within the Itatiaia National Park, is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park with its 40 meters high.

To access the park you have to pay and there are several options such as taking the route through the high or low part and the number of days you want to stay in the park.

The access trail is easy, leaving the Visitors Center with a 4 km route and 380 meters from the bridge of the Maromba complex.

Itatiaia -RJ

Véu das Noivas Waterfall – Poços de Caldas – MG

board a train and take a beautiful walk inside the Véu das Noivas Tourist Complex.

The waterfall with its 10 meters of height is located in Ribeirão das Antas, formed by three waterfalls and a very strong current.

Parking and access are free! And in that same place there will be a fair with various souvenirs, after passing it, just follow your left side for 10 minutes and you will be at the waterfall lookout at the top.

On the right, a trail will take you to the lowest part of the falls and dazzle the natural beauties from another angle.

Poços de Caldas – MG

Bride's Veil Waterfall

Finally, these are SOMEYes, but there are many others, do you know any other waterfalls? Bride's Veil?

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