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Things to do in Tramandai

Discover the best options for what to do in Tramandaí, a beach on the north coast. Enjoy your break and have fun with the sea, gastronomy and parks!

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Tramandaí beach

Things to do in Tramandai

The beach the center of Tramandaí has everything you need, from shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, squares for mate and of course the sea.

Are 14 km long and very frequented by tourists from the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre and Vale dos Sinos.

During the summer, the nightlife is lively, with several concerts and crowded pubs.

Take the opportunity to take pictures on the sign with the name of the city!

In addition, you can do water sports such as surfing, boating or jet skiing.

Things to do in Tramandai

Imbé bar

Things to do in Tramandai

Located between Praia de Imbé and the Tramandaí river, there is this bar with dunes and a delicious space for swimming.

In addition, the view is very nice, contemplated with bars and restaurants in its surroundings.

Tramandaí Offshore Platform

Things to do in Tramandai

With its 365 meters of extension into the sea, the platform is very frequented by tourists and fishermen.

The ideal is to buy a fishing rod and take advantage of the opportunity.

Its surroundings are always busy and with surfers enjoying the best waves.

Cidreira Wind Farm

If you've never been close to a wind farm, this is an incredible opportunity! It is possible to make those frame photos with giant wind turbines in the background.

There are 31 in total, with 98-meter towers and 40-meter blades that add up to a total of 138 meters, compared to a 50-story building, approximately.

It is located on the banks of the RS-389 highway (Estrada do Mar) between Tramandaí and Cidreira, right in front of the park you will have access to a parking lot.


Near the bridge over the River Tramandaí is the Parcão on the edge of the river with 17 platforms or for easy understanding – concrete decks, for fishing with line or net.

Many people stay nearby to contemplate the river and the view or have a mate watching people fish.

already in Giuseppe Garibaldi bridge with its 150 meters in length, bordering Imbé, fishermen take the opportunity to fish for sardines.

Forest Garden on the North Coast

Created in 1993, with 45 hectares for the preservation of regional ecosystems, studies and development of vegetation.

There are many native trees and an extensive fauna including beach lizard, white tuco-tuco, turtles, lizards, cavies, different species of birds.

In addition, it has a small swamp with many species such as coy rat, otter, heron, jaçanã and saracura.

Entrance is free and it is possible to hike, with just over 1 kilometer, with easy access. You can do it guided or alone, for the guided trail, an appointment is requested by phone 51. 3684 3154.


Holy Grail Pub

Great pub for those who appreciate a good Chopp with 10 different quality besides beers. They serve snacks, pizzas, hamburgers and an ice cream shop with very good prices.

The place with biker decor, 80s-style rock, in addition to rustic details and a mix of beach. It's totally different and super cozy.

On weekends there is a good live music.

Address: Av. of the Church, 900. open dailyand from 18:00 to 23:00.

lins pub

During the winter season in 2021, they only opened in Thursdays and Saturdays, from 10:30 pm to 5 am. As for the summer, they still haven't informed the new schedules.

There you will find good live music, cold beer and snacks.

You will really enjoy your night with friends in a super relaxed space!

Address: R. Jorge Eneas Sperb, 273.

East Sector - Pub

This pub is one of the darlings of the region, with a beautiful space, maritime decor, with a pool, tables on the street and a space to enjoy good live music in addition to dancing!

Order a good cold draft beer, a beer and snacks to enjoy the space and be enchanted by the coastal nights.

Open Friday and Saturday from 19:00 to 2:30.

Address: Av. Tramandaí, 481 – Downtown, Imbé.


A great restaurant and pizzeria tip is the George's Boteco & Pizzeria, they serve a great executive lunch, with different types of dishes and salads. At night, you can taste pizzas, caipirinhas, potato towers or cheese, there are several snacks on a delicious menu.

The pizzas are differentiated, they sell by the meter. You choose between, 1 meters, 2 meters… choose the flavor and have fun!

With a simple atmosphere, but very spacious and with great service.

Open daily from 11 am to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Address: Av. Emancipation, 1830 – new zone.

Things to do in Tramandai

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips and take the opportunity to share your experience on the coast!

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