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Things to do in Arroio do Sal

Arroio do Sal has been gaining ground as a great beach to enjoy in the summer. Here in this post I will give tips on what to do in Arroio do Sal on your holidays!

Arroio do Sal beaches

Arroio do Sal has several beaches around it, some busier and others not so much. Generally people like to take the interbeach route and choose a nice place to stay and spend the day.

Arroio Seco beach

Arroio Seco beach

This beach is very nice to stay if you want peace and tranquility. In it you will find everything you need: market, ice cream parlor, pub and building materials stores.

The beach has nothing that stands out in relation to the landscape, but because it is a place where families live and in the summer the houses are of several families related to each other, on the sand you will always make new friends and schedule a football match or volleyball.

In the center there is also a soccer field, where people like to get together and play a ball, have a beer in the late afternoon and have a lot of laughs with new and old friends.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach

Another super quiet beach and great to enjoy with the family. Children love to play in the dunes, take boards and have fun sliding on the sands!

Here you will find inns, markets, restaurants and pubs (usually one or 2 of each).

The beach with a large expanse of sand and nothing outstanding.

Arroio do Sal beach

Arroio do Sal beach

This is main beach, considered small to medium, in the summer with a lot of public and great for enjoying the nightlife in bars and pubs or the long sunny days.

On this beach you will find everything you need, from inns, hotels, restaurants, pubs, markets, building materials stores, clothing stores or decoration items.

You can take advantage of the bike path to ride a bike, or the square to have a mate in the late afternoon.

 Tupancy Municipal Natural Park

tupancy park
tupancy park

A well-kept nature reserve with many capybaras, birds, stingrays and other animals.

There are 21 hectares of extension, with a beautiful lake, signposts telling about the species and directions of the place.

In addition, there are two main trails inside the Atlantic Forest lasting around 30 minutes, if you prefer, they can be done in a guided way, from Thursday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am and in the afternoon from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, by appointment. by phone (51 983018567) and the activities are free.

Inside the park there are two natural viewpoints overlooking the sea and the edge of the plateau, offering a beautiful sunrise or sunset!

Restaurants in Arroio do Sal

New Chaplin Bar

Things to do in Arroio do Sal

With a super quiet and familiar atmosphere, you will feel at home with a delicious menu.

The fish dishes are excellent, in addition to well-served portions and at a fair price.

Tip: try the violinha portion, delicious!

Address: R. São Domingos, 177- centro.

Big House Pastry and Petiscaria

Things to do in Arroio do Sal

Well located, spacious and wonderful service!

They serve boards, snacks, fish baits, potato towers, minute wing and a cold beer.

meet daily from 11 am to 3 pm.

Address: Av. Assis Brazil, 279.

Rosemary Pizzeria

Things to do in Arroio do Sal

Delicious pizzas, with very thin crust and wonderful toppings. There is even a kids area with a monitor.

The space is exquisite and very cozy! Order a good wine, a cold beer or a beer to go with it.

open daily from 18:30 to 22:30.

Address: R. Castro Alves, 338 – downtown.

Restaurant Casa Piena

Things to do in Arroio do Sal

The facade of this restaurant is beautiful, it looks like an old house, inside it is a simple and very pleasant space.

They serve a buffet with different dishes and a delicious dessert.

Address: R. Castro Alves, 762.

Arroio do Sal pubs

Garden Pub Arroio do Sal

Simple place, very open and airy, as it is on the street with only one roof, the cool thing is the good music, great service and you can eat good snacks and a very cold beer.

Open from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday is from 7pm to 10pm, Friday from 7pm to midnight, Saturday from 7pm to 2am and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

Address: R. São Pedro, 119.

Maresia Restaurant

How about getting to know an alternative pub full of style by the sea?! There's even a little place to build a fire and enjoy the night.

Inside the decoration is full of dream filters and even a Beetle with an ET sitting inside the car, stylish and high spirits. Very different place!

Order a very cold beer or even a juice, some snack and enjoy the good music.

Address: R. Alvorada, 13 in Rondinha.

Open from Tuesday to Friday from 18:00 to 23:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 23:00 or midnight (depending on the movement).

Things to do in Arroio do Sal

 Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips! If you already know this municipality, share your experience with us!


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