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Start » Torres RS 2021-2022 New Year's Eve – UPDATED

Torres RS 2021-2022 New Year's Eve – UPDATED

get ready for the biggest new year's eve from Rio Grande do Sul post pandemic! Here in this post I will pass all information about New Year's Eve in Torres RS 2021-2022 - UPDATED.

according to Torres City Hall website we will have the biggest burn of fires in recent years, will be 10 minutes pyrotechnic show with colorful balloons on the seashore.

It will be a beautiful farewell to 2021 and a wonderful start to the year 2022!

Torres RS New Year's Eve 2021-2022 - UPDATED

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Facts about Torres RS

The fires take place in Big beach and it is on this beach that you will enjoy the stage shows, access to food kiosks and public restrooms.

The city expects to receive an average of 500 thousand people, if you haven't read a little about the city, know that it has 30 thousand inhabitants (approximately), imagine how it will be with so many tourists.

The municipality is investing a lot in infrastructure and beach safety, on December 31st the main streets near the seaside will be closed (no access to vehicles) for the event.

balloons on New Year's Eve in Torres rs

Which bands will play on New Year's Eve in Torres RS

According to information available on the City Hall website, there will be no bands playing, only mechanical music🇧🇷 The goal is to avoid agglomeration.

The animation will start December 31st at 9:00 pm to January 1st at 1:00 am

The animators will be concentrated in one of the most traditional spots in the city, Paradouro Abrigo, the old Bar Abrigo.

Tips on how to spend New Year's Eve in Torres RS

If you still don't know what the city looks like on December 31st, I suggest you read these tips carefully!

  • Prefer to leave your car at garage and make your trips walking, taxi or Uber?? You will have a hard time finding parking, as well as driving around town.
  • When you go to the beach, bring water and some snacks?? There are kiosks on the beach, however, as there are a lot of people, practically throughout the day you will have to wait in a queue for your service.
  • Go to the beach early in the day to secure your umbrella and your beach chair. On the beach there are rental kiosks, but due to the demand of that day, all pieces are rented until around 11 am.
  • If you intend to have dinner at a restaurant on the 31st, do your reservation table, otherwise you will hardly find a seat.
  • make your purchases in advance, ideally a week before, I'm talking about the dinner items, that champagne, beer and the gifts. That way you will avoid queues.
  • The best time to go and wait for the fireworks is in around 10 pm, you will be able to find good places and have a good view of the fireworks. I suggest you stay at the top of the beach, on the lawn, there you will be in a “cabin”.
  • If you have any difficulty walking or you need to be seated, I suggest you bring beach chairs to rest.
  • If you prefer to drive closer to the beach, try to go by 9 pm maximum and even then you will still have trouble finding some parking.
  • dress up with light and comfortable clothes, put on good walking shoes such as sneakers or flip flops if you prefer to stay on the sand, avoid high heels or shoes.
  • Always be aware of your belongings such as cell phones, wallets and purses. I suggest you carry it with you alone the basic to avoid theft or getting lost in the sand.

ToWhere to spend New Year's Eve in Torres RS

Many people prefer to book restaurants or go to pubs, they are great options because you will be more relaxed and comfortable sitting at a table, you will have easy access to the toilet and you will be able to enjoy your night a lot.

Make your reservation in advance!

Tips for places to spend New Year's Eve in Torres

Torres RS New Year's Eve 2021-2022 - UPDATED
  • Fisherman's corner;
  • Kiosks by the sea as an example: Schatel Praia Lanches, Chapéu de Palha or Restaurante Mariskão;
  • Hook Restaurant;
  • Guarita Gastronomy and events. It's inside Guarita Park, you won't be able to see the fireworks on Praia Grande, but they set off fireworks themselves and hire live music;
  • Vala Beach Pub;
  • Bora Bora Pub.

Torres RS 2021-2022 New Year's Eve – UPDATED

Torres RS New Year's Eve 2021-2022 - UPDATED

Finally, we hope you enjoyed our tips! Share with us your experience in the city!

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