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Emporio Canela Livraria Bistro

I know Empório Canela Livraria Bistrô a little piece of culture and a lot of history, with a delicious coffee. This place is charming.

Emporio Canela Livraria Bistro

When we were passing through the center of Canela towards Gramado, a very peculiar place caught our attention: it said right at the entrance Emporio Canela Livraria Bistro.

As a coffee and book lover, we stopped the car to check it out.

Cinnamon Emporium

A mixture of coffee shop-bistro-bookshop-antique shop so cute we almost didn't feel like going out anymore!

We were delighted with the environment that still brought handcrafted objects for sale.

The bookstore was full of super interesting local titles, but also with the latest literary releases, both national and international.

The old and well-preserved objects, in addition to serving as decoration, were also for sale.

In the bistro, vintage tables brightened up the place, which is open all day, serving everything from the famous PF (made dish) to more elaborate dishes, such as Lamb Risotto (which, according to the owner, is one of the most requested dishes).

Cinnamon Emporium

We ordered a cappuccino and a beer (there are more than 80 types of beers).

We sat in a thematic room and, while the order did not arrive, we were choosing some LPs to put on the record player (that's delicious!!!).

Soon, the owner Fernanda joined us and we started talking – very friendly and helpful, she told us about the place :).

emporium in cinnamon lol

In short, the coffee and beer were great and, together with the place, made the afternoon pleasant and nostalgic!

Time passed and we ended up not noticing it... every place you look or go has a treat, so you don't get tired and, until you check everything out, time passes.. 🙂

Cinnamon Emporium

It's worth going, even more with this cold weather.

Canela Emporium address

Rua Felisberto Soares, 258 – Centro, Canela – RS

Only closed on Tuesdays, on other days it is open from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm.

I hope you liked the tip, when you're passing through Canela – RS, stop by this place.

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