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What is Ballooning

It is one of the most beautiful sports in the world! No doubt if you don't know and have never flown in a balloon, you can't miss the opportunity when you're in front of it. Here I'll tell you what ballooning is and how the event works, let's go!

What is Ballooning

ballooning is an aeronautical sport practiced with a hot air balloon, through a pilot and guided by the layers of air that the balloon finds along the way (air).

This sport attracts people from all over the world and not everyone can fly. There are hours of training and practice, before starting the flight alone.

Activity recognized by the International Aeronautical Federation- FAI and considered one of the most popular sports insurance in the world, with a percentage close to zero accidents.

Types of Flights

There are two types:

Free fly which the pilot leaves with the balloon and flies according to the wind, it can be with passengers or only with the pilot.

captive flight in which the balloon is tied by a cut in the ground, of 25 meters and goes up and down. It's more of a demonstration flight at an event.

What is Ballooning


There are numerous championships, all of them have the same types of races and attract drivers and audience from all over the world, lasting an average of 3 to 5 days. Here are some examples:

  • World Balloon Championship
  • International Balloon Festival towers
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
  • Brazil Cup of Ballooning
  • Brazilian Ballooning Championship
  • Japanese-Brazilian Ballooning Championship Maringa
  • South Brazilian Ballooning Championship (Maringa and Londrina)
  • São Paulo Balloon Championship

Festivals take place on sunny or cloudy days, less on rainy or windy days. If there is a possibility of risk to the athletes, the competition is suspended until the weather conditions return to normal.

Ballooning Championships

Fly In

The pilots left from different places destined for a single place. A mark is placed on the ground and they will have to hit, being in the air, the target with a mark (a bag of sand with a ribbon with the number of their balloon), whoever manages to play closer, wins the test.

fly on

Competitors will inform coordinates for the test mark, after the Flay In test. The informed coordinate is the target and whoever is closest to the target will win the race.

fox hunting

A balloon comes out in front of the other competitors, this is considered "the fox". Subsequently, after a certain time between 10 and 30 minutes, the others will have to follow him, who manages to land closest to the fox, will win the race.

key proof

This is the main race of the event, usually the last race. An oversized car key is placed on a pole. The pilots will leave from different places and will have some time to reach the target, whoever manages to get the key will win a car or other prize of the event.


In this test, the balloon will fly, after a while it will descend until it hits the ground with the basket and will rise again to throw its mark on a target. The balloon that makes the angle with the most precision wins more points.

We live in Torres, where the International Ballooning Festival takes place, these are incredible days with a blue sky well colored by the balloons. You will hardly meet someone who doesn't like balloons! It's amazing, beautiful and a surreal energy in each event.

The tests take place in the morning around 7 am and in the afternoon around 4:30 pm. People go to meet the evidence, help the balloonists, follow the balloons as if it were the evidence of the Fox hunt (ehehhe).

If you've never been to an event like this, put it on your agenda, look for the places near you where these events take place and go check it out, it will be unforgettable!

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