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Fort SC beach

know everything what to do at Praia do Fort SC, located in the north of the island and considered one of the most beautiful and with a lot of history!

It is a small beach, with very white sand, calm sea and easy access, you can park your car very close to the sand.

It is far from the capital in average 25 kilometers. It is a peaceful and very beautiful route! You'll want to stop at all the other beaches before you get there.

To access it, you will have to go through the beach of Jurerê Internacional.

Praia do Fort

fort sc beach

The beach got its name from the Fortress of Sao Jose da Ponta Grossa, which is very close to the beach. It was an old fort used in the 18th century to guard the bay in the north of the island (along with two other forts, one on the island of Anhaotmirim and the other on Ratones) forming a triangle of fire and defense.

Fort SC beach

After Spanish invasions, it was abandoned. In 1938 it was listed as National Historic and Artistic Heritage.

Fort SC

To access the Fort, you will need to follow a trail, located on the right side of the beach and follow the directions on the signposts.

In addition to knowing a little about the history of the place, you can enjoy the bars and other facilities that exist around the beach. With delicious seafood.

On the sand, people love to play sports like football, volleyball, stand-up or just enjoy the sand and the tranquility of the place.

During the high season, they often have luais on the sand, with good music and lots of fun.

Where to stay in Praia do Fort SC

People usually prefer to stay in Jurerê Internacional or Praia de Daniela, which are nearby.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips and enjoy the beaches of Santa Catarina! You will have a lot of trails, calm sea and charming places.

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