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Route of the Sun – RS

Rota do Sol-RS is an alternative route for those leaving the north/coast of Rio Grande do Sul or coming from Santa Catarina. In addition to the fantastic view, it reduces travel time by up to 50 minutes.

Route of the Sun – RS

From Criciúma (Santa Catarina), the trip to Canela, in Rio Grande do Sul, takes around 3h30min. Following the BR-101, the municipality of Terra de Areia is the beginning of the Rota do Sol. (There is a sign warning)

Route of the Sun - RS

The landscape is incredible! Along the way, there are several stalls selling colonial products such as honey and molasses.

Route of the Sun - RS
lawn plate - cinnamon

Rota do Sol cuts the journey between Litoral and Serra by more than 100km and is yet another postcard from Rio Grande Sul! An invitation to Environmental Tourism 😉

Route of the Sun - RS
Enjoy! 😉

Where does Rota do Sol begin and where does it end?

Many people have no idea of its extension and are terrified when they discover that it has 737 kilometers.

That's right!
Its ends are in Terra de Areia and it goes to the city of São Borja.

Route of the Sun - RS

Where is the “I love the Serra Gaúcha” lookout?

This is another question that many don't know the answer to.

This is because the lookout is right at the beginning of the mountain starting in (Terra de Areia), located next to the Mirador Restaurante e Café on RS 486, more or less at km 4 in Itati.

bridge in the mountains
Viewpoint: I love the Serra Gaucha

Tips for going up and/or down Rota do Sol- RS

  • Avoid going down/up on days of heavy rain (barrier falls may occur);
  • Avoid overtaking on curves, there are always trucks and they cannot brake sharply and you could cause a serious accident;
  • Avoid days with a lot of fog, it makes visibility difficult and the mountain has many dangerous curves;
  • Be careful with your speed, respect the limits established by the signs.

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Route of the Sun - RS

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