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Águas de Lindoia – São Paulo

Know a little about this small town: Águas de Lindóia – São Paulo, know what to do in the thermal capital and how to get there.

Águas de Lindoia – São Paulo

It is a small town located 180 km from São Paulo and 8 km from the border with Minas Gerais.

Águas de Lindoia – São Paulo

Characterized by rural tourism, adventure and by staying in the Circuito das Águas de SP (comprised of 9 more municipalities). Well known for being the Thermal Capital.

To get to the city there are several access roads, among the main ones are: Rodovia Bandeirantes and Rodovia Fernão Dias.

It is not possible to arrive by plane, as it does not have airports (the closest is Viracopos – SP).

Things to do in Águas de Lindóia – SP

Adhemar de Barros Square

Águas de Lindoia has a colonial air and upon arrival, we can see the central park –  Adhemar de Barros Square, where the main hotels in the city are located.

Park in the center of Águas de Lindóia, São Paulo

Águas de Lindóia are inserted around the mineral springs that attracted drovers during the 19th century and in 1969, samples of the city's mineral waters were taken to the moon in the Apollo 11 Mission.

Today, the city is one of the most important mineral parks.

Thermas Hot World Water Park

Thermas Hot World Water Park

A beautiful tourist complex with lots of fun and interactivity with nature. Children love!

It is a water park with many pools, water slides, water slides, giant hot tub, space with warm water (Espaço Malibu), and even a place for babies.

In addition, it is possible to do climbing, tree climbing and much more!

Located at Rua Domigos Lazari, nº 1.800- Pimentéis.

Local cuisine in Águas de Lindóia – SP

The local cuisine is surprising as it mixes the cultures of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and the local one.

Every meal is a feast of variety!

Morro do Pelado – Águas de Lindóia – SP

Morro do Pelado - Águas de Lindóia - SP

There is a very cute train ride that is in the town square.

It runs through the entire city and takes tourists to Morro Pelado.

The view is wonderful! It is possible to see 100 km of mountains and the city below.

In addition, for lovers of extreme sports, it is possible to make free flight jumps by climbing up to a platform.

To get to the platform you have to go by car or on foot (if you have the breath for everything).

You will be able to go down by zip line, considered the third largest in Brazil, with 1,000 meters of height and reaching a speed of up to 100 km/h.

Rural tourism – Águas de Lindóia – SP

Rural tourism is one of the strong points of the place.

Below are some places and activities available for you to enjoy your visit to the city.

Frontier Ranch
Aguas de Lindoia Highway
Mount Zion Km 6.5
F: (19) 3824.2743 / (35) 9916.8166
– Ecological horseback riding, day and night;
– Riding lessons;
– Training and management of dogs and horses.

Monte Alegre site
Aguas de Lindoia Highway
Mount Zion Km 6.5
F: (19) 3824.7698

– Eco-Archaeological Walks.

Rancho São Nicolau
Av. Aparecido Rodrigues da Rocha, s/n.
F: (19) 3824.6611 / 9798.4803

– Equestrian Relaxation Sessions;

– Riding lessons.

Engenho do Barreiro
Av. Aparecido Rodrigues da Rocha, 1175
F: (19) 3824.3137

– Visit to the 19th century Engenho;

– Barreiro Fisherman.

How to get:Via São Paulo

Hope you enjoyed the tips! Share here if you already know this amazing place!

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