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Valentine's Day Gift

We separate for you the most beautiful Valentine's Day gift options. The perfect place to take your love and what you can give on the spot. Let's go?!

Without a doubt, this day is super special, but it's already so cliché to take it out to dinner or prepare a special dinner. Have you ever thought about making a trip with your love?!

Exactly: travel!

Valentine's Day Gift Tips

If you don't have the conditions to spend a lot, you've already put it at the tip of your pencil that if you're going to pay for dinner it won't be less than R$200.00 and of course you'll have to buy another little gift that will give you another R$250.00 (at least), that's all already spent an amount of national pass.

So let's open our hands and get organized to make the best surprise ever!

travel with boyfriend

We have special articles with amazing places in Brazil:

a special tip: Have you ever thought about taking your partner to enjoy a cold weather in the Serra Gaúcha? Or get to know the canyons of Santa Catarina?

The combination of love, more travel, cold weather and a good wine works great, delights any couple and leaves you in a passionate mood!

Valentine's Day Gift

dating ring

Continuing your journey, reserve a space in your suitcase to present your love with a treat.

Have you thought about an alliance?

This is the best moment ever!

One tip is that you don't need to buy the most expensive one, but the one that has the most meaning!

Below I will give you internet shopping tips that can help you a lot and run because there is still time:

Tip: if you are afraid of choosing the wrong size, you can adjust any ring, and the best thing is to take a ring that the person has and measure it, that way you will probably get it right!

Valentine's Day Gift

valentine's day gift

Gift your love with things he'll like, which he'll use and if you're in doubt, give him a shopping voucher (this last one can't be wrong).

Gift ideas for girlfriend

There are women who like to receive flowers, there are those who like wine, clothes, a beautiful breakfast basket, jewelry and obviously those who want a ticket to travel.

Below are some tips:

gift a plane ticket

Gift ideas for boyfriend

For men, it's already a slightly more difficult mission, but not impossible!

There are men who like to win gifts, clothes, sneakers, electronics, kits (beer, wine...) and the airfare.

Download some options on Amazon:

text for boyfriend

At this moment I consider that being true and using your own words is the best option to surprise!

But I will help you with a beautiful ready-made text:

Music by Nando Reis: For You I Saved Love

“For you I saved the love I never knew how to give
The love I had and saw without leaving me
Feeling unable to prove
without delivering
and share

I saved love for you
that I always wanted to show
The love that lives in me comes to visit
Smile, come color solar
Come warm up
and allow

Who welcome what he has and brings
Who understand what he says
In the chalk of the gesture, the ready way
From the blink of eyelashes
That the invitation of silence
It shows in every look…”

valentine's day message
valentine's day text
valentine's day text

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the tips!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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